Zach Bussey – TOS Stream Assets

TOS – Logo Design

A monogram / minimalistic logo for Zach Bussey’s show „Today On Stream“ and newsletter „Today Off Stream.“

Since the initials are the same, the idea was to make one logo that works in both scenarios. The simple shapes helped with creating logo animations for transitions and overlays.

TOS – Explorations

The challenge was to find something that works for Zach and me. Since he was unsure of what he wants for a logo, he trusted me to show him potential variations. We started out with a more blocky design and implemented a speech bubble (with and without eyes.) This made the O look too much like a lower case A or an upper case Q (depending on the direction of the speech indicator.)

We settled for a more elegant, curvy form to not portray a sense of harshness.

TOS – Stinger Transition

This is a transition used for Zach’s streams. It is an animation of the logo I made for him, utilising features like the eyes to add some character to it.

TOS – Special Subscriber Alert

This is a special alert that plays when you subscribe to directly. Since it’s harder to get people to subscribe on an external site, Zach wanted something „over-the-top.“

TOS – Lower Third

A pop up that advertises TOS.GG and Zach’s socials. It utilizes the logo animation from the stinger transition.

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