NorthammerGames – Stream Assets

NorthammerGames – Logo Animation

NorthammerGames is a YouTube channel created by two brothers. Their main content focusses on Warhammer.

To have a regular transition for streams and social media pop ups I’ve created this logo animation.

The challenge here was recreating the logo in a vector-based format. Especially the wings were a lot of effort but it was necessary to do a proper animation.

Lower Thirds

The logo animation was used for the lower third. There are pop ups for socials and their website.


Since they are playing Warhammer against each other. They needed a scoreboard with all the necessary information.

There is a space for the turn number, scores, etc. I’ve used a simple background for accessability but the middle has the outline of table-top dice.

Versus Animation

I’ve created an easy-to-use template that shows which faction is being played. It’s a simple animation that is still really dynamic. Since it needed to be easy to edit without using After Effects – I’ve replaced the images with greenscreens and kept them static.

Gentleman Scale – Transition

To rank Warhammer characters, they’ve created something called the „Cool Gentleman Scale.“

I’ve created a logo for it and animated it. The animation has the logo move to the position where it is located in the scene.

Thanks for viewing!

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