L1fewater – Stream Assets

L1fewater – Logo Design

L1fewater is a content creator who mainly streams Warframe.

We worked together on a rework of his old logo. The main idea was having a trident that has an L shape implemented in the coloured version. This is the construction of the basic shape of the trident.

The Coloured Version

This is the coloured version of the logo. The red/cyan colour was taken from the earlier version. The L shapes are more obvious here but still subtle enough to not overpower the design.

Logo Explorations

In order to get a feel for the shapes, I’ve explored different designs that could be used instead of the trident. It was to show the potential of simple minimalistic designs. However, we stuck with the trident form and modernised it.

L1fewater – Stream Alerts

One of the alerts that I’ve created for L1fewater. They utilise the red/cyan colour and water theme.

L1fewater – Social Media Headers

The banner is a compilation of real pictures of waves, turned into something more abstract. It was the basis for the pattern in the background.

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